Slipknots Clown Confirms New Album Will Happen

Ace news as Slipknot percussionist Shawn Clown Crahan has confirmed that the band will definitely record another album!

Clown has confirmed that Slipknot will record another studio album even if it might be some time yet before we hear it.

According toBlabbermouth, Clown states that Theres plans [to make another record], but thats a way off. No one will push it, because its going to be a big one. Itll be closer to Iowa, but itll be sadder and crazier. And really thought provoking, it could even be conceptual.

The album would be the Des Moines icons first studio output since the death of Paul Gray, who passed away last year. In the mean time, Knot will release a special tenth anniversary edition of Iowa, packed with bonus discs and special features.

Either way, well definitely get at least one more Slipknot album. Thank fuck for that.

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