Blue October – Any Man In America

Blue_October_Any_Man_In_AmericaBlue October

Any Man In America

From the outset this album screams pure emotion. Dedicated to the troubles that singer, Justin Furstenfeld has been living through in relation to the custody battle for his beloved daughter, this is definitely a CD packed with love, hate and aggression. The album is a sincere insight into the singers life at that moment in time and how the courts tended to favor his ex-wife with regard to their daughter, Blue.

Money Tree is clearly about the financial strains that a divorce brings to the forefront and one track actually mentions how one of their hits was meant to pay for his daughters college. The title track is basically stating that it is the duty of Any Man In America to stand up to the system and do whats best for their children.
Its heart wrenching rock for the most part of this CD but there are some other interesting sounds going on in there that remind me of the little-known North Carolina band, Peroxwhy?Gen.

Its hard to like this CD whole-heartedly because of the anger and sadness that has so obviously gone into the lyrical content; sometimes making it slightly too intimate. Its beautifully written and I do like it, but you most definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to play it in its entirety.
For fans that are only familiar with Hate Me, I do recommend you check out Blue Octobers other albums, there are another 5 in total but maybe save this one until youve heard the rest!


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