Puddle Of Mudd – Re:(Disc)overed

ReDiscOveredPuddle Of Mudd


For fans of the Mudd this was a highly anticipated CD and it didnt disappoint.

There were apparently 30 songs originally chosen and these were whittled down to the brilliant (unlucky for some) 13 that you get to hear on the CD. (2 bonus tracks for Europe and iTunes are Cocaine and With A Little Help From My Friends) Songs that you NEVER thought youd hear a band like Puddle Of Mudd ply in your life are on this disc, such as Zepplins Dyer Maker and the James Gangs Funk #49. WOW!

Classic covers like Alright Now and the single, Gimme Shelter are awesome and definitely drawing in some new fans for the band that otherwise wouldnt have given them a chance!

My ultimate favourite of all on the album has to be the cover of Elton Johns Rocket Man. One of my favourite songs in the world covered by my favourite band in the word = one happy mother fker! When I saw the song listed on the tracks I admit to being slightly worried about hearing anyone covering it, but not only do they pull off this amazing cover dare I say I like it even more? Sorry, Sir Elt! (Seriously; they could drown a sack of kittens but if they played Rocket Man afterwards Id forgive them!)

The band have expanded from their original 4 piece line up to include another guitarist and a female backing singer, all adding to their depth and showing the world what they are capable of! Ive listened to the haters and the doubters for the past ten+ years and Im happy to say that this CD should shut at least some of them up! They are maturing musically with every new album (Even if this is a covers CD they still make it their own and do it with style!) and I cant wait to hear what the Mudd has in store for all of their fans next!


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