Smokehead Rocks Tour Cancelled

Smokehead Rocks Tour Cancelled

The Smokehead Rocks Tour, to be headlined by Airrace And due to also feature Houston and Vega, has been cancelled.

This is what Airrace say about it on theirFacebook page:

We are absolutely gutted to announce that the forthcoming Smokehead Rocks Tour has been cancelled due to situations totally beyond our control.

We have fought tooth and nail to make this tour happen since the problems arose due to the mismanagement by the tour co-ordinator. Since we found out things were going wrong we have done everything in our power to try to salvage the situation but we finally had to give in today.

We are more disappointed than you can imagine and we are very sorry to let people down as this is not OUR way.

To all the people who have bought tickets or were planning on coming to the shows we are deeply sorry but want to assure you we did everything in our power for this not to happen. Please ask for an immediate refund on your tickets.

We will still be appearing at Hard Rock Hell on December 2, and are still hoping to do some far well shows before we call it a day.

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