Is Jimmy Gnecco Velvet Revolvers New Frontman?

Is Jimmy Gnecco Velvet Revolver's New Frontman?

Is Velvet Revolvers search for a new singerfinally over? Drummer Matt Sorum says Ours frontman Jimmy Gnecco could be the man to step into Scott Weilands pointy shoes.

A precedent, of sorts, has already been set.

At the Road Recovery concert in New York City back in September, Gnecco sang lead vocals on three songs(Slither by Velvet Revolver,Its So Easy by Guns N Roses,Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix) with Slash, Duff McKagan, Gilby Clarke and Matt Sorum, plus Dave Kushner.

So well see how that goes, Sorum toldThe Vine of the auditioning of Gnecco. Then weve got a couple of other ideas. It looks like Slash is going to make another album, but Im not sure about his touring and stuff yet. But were all open to it and interested in trying to do something together.

Watch Gnecco on stage with Slash here.

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