Jon Bon Jovi Is Alive!

Jon Bon Jovi Is Alive!

Reports of Jon Bon Jovis death have proven to be totally false.

And if that doesnt appear newsworthy, then the official announcement that hes alive and well comes after internet frenzy December 19, when it was falsely reported that the singer had been found dead at his home in New Jersey.

The report claimed that paramedics responded to a 911 call and rushed JBJ to hospital after they found him unable to breathe. But he subsequently went into cardiac arrest and died.

However, Jon immediately responded to this report via hisTwitter account. He posted the photo below, along with the comment: Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey. December 19th2011 6:00.

Thousands of fans were very relieved to see the photo of old Jon Bon alive and kicking and rocking around his Christmas Tree! You know you’re famous when…

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