Alter Bridge To Release Live Album

Alter Bridge To Release Live Album

Alter Bridge are to release a live albumin March.

Its calledLive At Wembley and was recorded at Wembley Arena on November. This will be a double disc, with a CDand a DVD. The expected track listing for the latter is:

  1. Slip To The Void
    2. Find The Real
    3. Ghost Of Days Gone By
    4. Before Tomorrow Comes
    5. Come To Life
    6. All Hope Is Gone
    7. White Knuckles
    8. Brand New Start
    9. Metalingus
    10. Broken Wings
    11. I Know It Hurts
    12. One Day Remains
    13. Coeur DAlene
    14. Buried Alive
    15. Blackbird
    16. Wonderful Life (Acoustic Version)
    17. Watch Over You (Acoustic Version)
    18. Ties That Bind
    19. Isolation
    20. Open Your Eyes
    21. Duelling Guitar Solos
    22. Rise Today

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