Marillion Man In New Band

Marillion Man In New Band

North East of England prog band DeeExpus release their second album through earMUSIC on March 23. Its calledThe King Of Number 33. And Marillion keyboard player Mark Kelly is featured on it.

Says Kelly: I first came across DeeExpus when a friend of theirs emailed me and.asked, Are you interested in playing piano on a track?. I told him to send me the song, which wasMaybe September.

Kelly not only plays on this, but also the 26-minute title track. And multi-instrumentalist Andy Ditchfield feels hes made an enormous contribution to the album.

Hes helped immensely, offering mix advice, critique and enthusiastic encouragement.

As a result, Kelly s now a full-time member, joining up with Ditchfield and singerTony Wright.

I recently went up to the North East, and after a few pints down the local they popped the question. Im in!, I replied.

Theres also a guest appearance from Nik Kershaw. He singson the songMemo.

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