5 CD’s I Can’t Live Without By Dizzi Devereux

There is a real emotional aspect to music that can bring us to different places and times in our lives. For me some music/artist and albums defines me as a player and a fan. I never take for granted the role music plays in my life and really all of our lives. If I could pick one i would pick them all, but here are the 5 cd’s I cant live without.

Nirvana- In utero

This album, for me, was Nirvana’s greatest album. Kurt being a lefty was the reason I started playing guitar back in 89’… Sure i was knocked off my ass when i heard the first four chords of ‘Smells like teen Spirit’, but it was too polished… I loved Bleach I loved Incesticide, loved all of it…but In utero IS Nirvana!

Queens of the Stone age – Era Vulgaris

Josh Homme and the boys can do no wrong in my book…and again I LOVE all of their albums so much, but I really like QOTSA’s dynamics on this album from Sick Sick Sick to Suture up your Future! Brilliant album that in my opinion shows that everything hasn’t been done yet but QOTSA has definitely found the formula! Unrivaled in their genre!

Foo Fighters- Wasting Light

First off, Dave Fucking awesomesause Grohl!! And I know this is a new album, but goddamn!! Every track from start to finish kicks major, and the exceptional use of three guitar parts really allows the FOO’s to throw that wall of Guitar sound at ya!. Really cant say enough good things about this album even though they have like a million other albums that rock… As I said if I could pick em all I would but Wasting Light is THE best Foo Fighters Album period!

Pink Floyd- Wish you were Here

I’m more of a Gilmour fan than say a Pink Floyd fan. Because lets face it… Gilmour’s voice and guitar tone/solos are so warm and erie you just want him to do an entire lullaby album to relax you lol! I proly have somewhat of a bromance with Gilmour. So let me just cheat and say anything Gilmour I love! his solo albums are underrated and his career is inspiring for me. so that being said Shine on you Crazy Diamond is my favorite track and I recommend you check out his version on David Gilmour in concert- Live at Robert Wyatt’s Meltdown… you will thank me if your a fan and haven’t seen it.

The Beatles- Rubber Soul

The fantastic four who really started it all for countless musicians! This album is what i listen to on those days you just get in and drive down the coast watching the world go by..Paul ,John, George, and Ringo as my passengers. Michelle is my all time favorite Beatles song and is extremely fun to play and sing.. I <3 the Beatles


Photo Credit: Mike Savoia Photography


HUGE thanks to Dizzi for taking the time to do this for us! If it wasn’t for super cool guys like him, little sites like ours would be nothing! THANK YOU!

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