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Formed in, New Jersey during 1983, Trixter learned their chops playing live in the club circuit around their hometown with the likes of Skid Row and Kix, before eventually getting signed by Mechanic/MCA for their self-titled debut album in 1990, which spawned the Billboard Hits & # 1 MTV Videos “Give It To Me Good”, “One in a Million” and “Surrender” and went on to become gold.
The band toured nationally during 1990-91 sold out arena tours with Poison, Scorpions and Warrant. Trixter’s second album, “Hear!, was released in October 1992, touring in support of KISS…..and then, along came Nirvana and Grunge to kill all that was good, happy and fun in the world of pointy headstock guitars and arena rock. Over night, out went the big hair and music to make you smile. Unfortunately the change of musical climate made it impossible for the band to keep going so, after the release of an independent covers album, the band called it quits in 1995.

Trixter announced the reunion of the original lineup in 2007. Since then the band played several shows, including a successful appearance at the Rocklahoma festival in 2008 and, after playing together for the last 4 years, making a new record was the next logical step. The task was to create a classic style Melodic Hard Rock album with all the sounds people have loved about Trixter – great songs, big guitar riffs, catchy vocals and a huge bottom end.  Some special guests collaborated with the band members in the songwriting department : Glen Burtnik (Styx) and Snake Sabo & Rachel Bolan (Skid Row).
In that respect Trixter have managed to meet their objectives. It really does stand alongside the big records from the days before Kurt and his chums came along like petulant teenagers, crashed the party and caused it to come to an abrupt end. Some might question whether this will appeal to a whole new audience or that it breaks new ground sonically, but they can’t dispute that Trixter have produced a great record that will appeal to fans of the bands they toured with in the early days.

Released on 20th April on Frontiers Records

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Reviewed by David Wilson

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