Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Getting together to write your first album in over eighteen years is no easy feat, especially when the band members are spread out all over the globe. All the original band members agreed to make a new record, but on some conditions:

*The music had to be written by the core writing team of Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James, and Michael Arbeeny (Clayton).
*The music should have stayed true to the Tyketto roots, but at the same time the album should have reflected where the band members lives were today.
*It should rock!

With Brooke in Vegas (and now in Wisconsin), Danny in Gibraltar(and now Spain) and Michael in New Jersey(and still in New Jersey!), the band certainly had their work cut out for them.
Michael recalls receiving the initial song demos from Danny: “As I listened to the first set of songs, I immediately drew parallels to our debut album,”Don’t Come Easy”. Although the words were different, many of the sentiments were the same. The themes of classic Tyketto songs were simple: don’t let anything stand in the way of what you want in life. Those sentiments are echoed in songs like “The Fight Left In Me” and “Dig In Deep”. As the months passed and the ideas became songs, we knew we were onto something very special.”

In typical Tyketto fashion, the CD has a wide array of material collected on it. Rockers like “Sound Off” and “Faithless” will make those “Forever Young” fans happy, while they show their more melodic side with “Battle Lines”, “Monday” and the epic ballad “This is How We Say Goodbye”. There is something here for everyone without simply replicating their back catalogue. Classic Tyketto rebooted for the new century. With a 2012 slot scheduled for Firefest and a full scale tour in the works, Tyketto keeps on doing what they do best: writing great songs and performing live for their fans.

“Dig In Deep” is released on 20th April on Frontiers Records

For more information: www.tyketto .de

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