Aerosmith Were Boob Victims

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton has accused TV producers of carefully editing band interviews in order to trap frontman Steven Tyler.

He’s branded the people behind CBS flagship news magazine 60 Minutes as “brutal” for their work – and says he and his colleagues were forced into a state of nerves because of presenter Lara Logan’s low-cut top.

The feature saw Hamilton, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford listing the things they didn’t like about Tyler, who was then shown edited footage, leading him to say: “I think my busting everyone’s chops is what got this band to where it is. I get the hits. Yeah, I’m that good.”

The bassist insists their quotes were taken out of context. He tells 97.5 K-Rock: “It was tough to watch. They took comments we made during very deep conversations and sort of barraged Steven with them. I thought it was a little brutal.”

He accepts they did put their criticisms on record – but argues there was another side to the conversations which producers left out. “It was the truth. It was everybody speaking what they were feeling. We talked about a lot of things involving anger – yet a lot of other things involving brotherhood.

“So Steven got pissed off and said a couple of things that were demeaning to the rest of us. I cringed a little bit, yet the second it was over I texted him and said, ‘You did a great job.’”

But Hamilton can’t guarantee he won’t fall for the same trick again. “Lara Logan, the correspondent, had a very low-cut top on,” he recalls. “I’m like, ‘Okay, this is sort of, get the band nervous with your cleavage and make them say stuff.’ And if you watch the interview you won’t see that.

“That’s how they do it: they show their boobs and get you to talk about stuff. It works every time.”

Meanwhile, Aerosmith have confirmed the release their long-awaited album of new material, their first in over a decade, has been delayed until the end of the year.

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