Bizkit Borland Red-Faced Over Slating Dream Theater

Eccentric axeman unleashes Twitter tirade, insisting he can say what he likes as he’s in the world’s most hated band – then former DT drummer Mike Portnoy gets involved.

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has wound up red-faced and awkward after he unleashed a barrage of tweets slamming Dream Theater – then former drummer Mike Portnoy replied.

Borland called the prog metal giants “Cheese Theater” and described them as mathematicians and not musicians. He insisted he was entitled to say what he wanted as a member of the world’s most hated band… ie. Limp Bizkit.

The eccentrically-clad axeman – who wouldn’t look out of place in some of the prog world’s most outrageous stages – started his rant three days ago by tweeting: “Please explain to me what there is to like about Dream Theater. Please.”

Then he continued: “I know I’m in Limp Bizkit, one of the most hated bands in the world. But these guys can NOT write songs. Not a band. Musicians are not mathematicians. Feeling and soul over technique and speed. Not buying it, and never will.”

Later he added: “I wanna shoot them out of a cannon, but a lot of people want to do that to my band too. I think of them fondly when my haemorrhoids are acting up. At least their songs don’t get stuck in your head.”

Borland received a furious backlash from a number of Dream Theater fans and defended himself by saying his comments were intended to be light-hearted and finished: “What I like about DT: Mike’s drum kit and playing.”

Last night Portnoy entered the fray following a tip-off from Kat Von D, and said: “Hey, don’t drag me into this mess!”

The guitarist responded: “Kat Von D just brought Mike Portnoy into this. Yes! Awkward! Get out the drumsticks – I want to play with him!”

He ended around 3am UK time by saying: “Well, that was fun. Thanks everyone for the most entertaining Twitter night ever.

“The funny thing is I kind of like Dream Theater now.”

Meanwhile, Portnoy’s former outfit have been forced to cancel their planned show in Beijing, China, on May 5, after event organisers failed to secure working visas for the band.

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