Kill Devil Hill Deliver ‘Strange’ Video

Kill Devil Hill are ready to emerge. Though the band is mostly known for veteran Pantera and Down bassist Rex Brown and Heaven and Hell drummer Vinny Appice, it’s actually singer Dew Bragg and guitarist Mark Savon that drive the band’s new single and video, ‘Strange.’

The band just premiered the clip for ‘Strange’ at The video is primarily a performance piece in which fans can see exactly how much power and emotion that Bragg is laying into the vocals about a man on a downward spiral. When the singer belts, ‘How can I face the day and why should I care,’ it sums up the gut punch that he’s delivering. Meanwhile, Savon gets in some solid guitar licks and Appice and Brown keep the low end chugging along.

‘Strange’ is featured on Kill Devil Hill’s just-released debut album. The self-titled disc reunites Rex Brown with Down producer Warren Riker. KDH are currently winding down tour dates with Adrenaline Mob.

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