Rise To Remain Announce New Members & Offer Free Song Download

Rise To Remain, fronted by Austin Dickinson (son of Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson), will unleash their full-length debut album ‘City of Vultures’ on June 5. The single ‘Heartless’ is now available for free download. ‘Heartless’ is one of four new songs the band has recorded for the U.S. release of ‘City of Vultures,’ which has been out in Europe since last year.
“I hope a lot of people will respect this record, especially coming from a really young band, because there’s a lot that’s outside the usual metalcore cliché thinking box,” Dickinson says. “At the same time, I think that our fans will just love it for being a great album. It’s energetic, it’s got a lot of melody and a lot of brutal parts and all the things that tick their boxes, as well as plenty for the older generation too!”

Earlier this year, Rise To Remain had to drop off the Machine Head tour after their bassist and drummer departed. The band has announced that Adam Lewin is the new drummer and Connor O’Keefe the new bassist. They’ve had a lot of turnover on bass and drums over the years, but guitarists Ben Tovey and Will Homer are original members from 2006, with Dickinson joining the group in 2007. Meanwhile, their recent dummer Pat Lundy has joined the lineup for the band Funeral for a Friend.

Rise to Remain have some British shows planned along with the Sonisphere, Download and Rock am Ring festivals. The band’s summer will be spent in North America as part of the Warped Tour.

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