Don’t bash Czechs over Blythe

A close friend of Randy Blythe has called on fans not to criticise the Czech Republic over the Lamb of God singer’s prison drama.

Blythe has been behind bars for nearly three weeks after being arrested in Prague last month in connection with the death of fan Daniel Nosek at a concert in 2010.

He’s never been charged and he’s posted bail of $200,000 – but despite that he hasn’t been freed. And although a new hearing is set for Thursday, it’s not guaranteed that he’ll be released even if the judge finds in his favour.

Long-time friend Tommy Streat organised a gathering of supporters in Blythe’s home town of Richmond, Virginia, earlier this month. He’ll lead a second vigil at the US Supreme Court on Sunday afternoon.

Streat tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “A lot of the Czech news sources are starting to pick up on that stuff and it’s getting nasty.

“There’s no reason to bash another country. They have a different legal system from ours – but we have to respect that.”

A White House petition calling for US authorities to act over Blythe’s case has been signed by nearly 17,000 people. A further 8,000 are needed before the matter will be brought to officials’ attention.

Sign the Randy Blythe White House petition

Tito Fink, who’s organised the signing campaign, says: “I’m hoping this will bring enough awareness so the government will do everything within its power to diplomatically bring Randy home – while remaining on good terms with the Czech Republic.”

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