Queensryche keep their name

Queensryche will be allowed to perform using the band name with new singer Todd La Torre, a court has ruled.

Sacked singer Geoff Tate’s attempt to have the title taken off them failed in a preliminary court hearing – although the decision could be overturned in later action.

The two parties have been locked in a bitter paperwork feud since Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson decided to kick Tate out last month.

Responding to the King County Superior Court judgement in Washington, the band’s management said: “We are excited that the courts saw what we and the fans have always known: that Queensryche is more than any one member. We are sorry we had to go to court to show this.

“But we are determined to bring back the quality product Queensryche was known for.”

Arguments centred round perceived damage to the brand associated with the band name, with Tate and his former colleagues both arguing the other party had devalued the business more than they had.

In a court testimony revealed by Blabbermouth, former manager Lars Sorensen says the singer moved away from the outfit’s core values.

“The brand had been damaged severely,” he argues. “The band had been been marketed poorly, overplayed various markets, produced bad records and offered live performances and tour productions that were not in the image of the band. There was little value in buying a band that was no longer true to itself.

“Queensryche is a very good band with a strong sales history. Unfortunarely this has been in a steep decline for years now. Something had to be done. To sustain a career after your peak you need to give the fans what they want. Queensryche was no longer doing this.”

Meanwhile, former guitarist Mike Stone has branded the public drama “unfortunate.” He tells Rockin’ Metal Revival: “It makes me a little sad. When I think of Queensryche I think of all the guys. When I was in the band no one was fighting with each other like that. I hope they can work it out and I wish them all the best.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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