Ministry’s Jourgensen in mid-show collapse

Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen was rushed to hospital seconds after finishing a concert in Paris at the weekend.

The industrial metal icon was seen to stagger off stage near the end of his show, and was later diagnosed with a “full system collapse.”

But his management say the incident was not connected to his celebrated over-indulgence of drink and drugs.

A statement explains: “Al collapsed on stage during the Mininstry performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance, where he was examined by numerous physicians. Doctors confirmed via blood tests that his blood alcohol levels were were below normal and no narcotics were found in his system.”

The incident was believed to have been cause by “extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion, intensified by the lock of ventilation on stage at the venue.”

Ministry cancelled last night’s planned performance at the Rock En Stock festival in L’Etaples while Jourgensen receives additional medical attention in Switzerland. But he tells fans: “I will make it up to you somehow. I love Paris. I’m so sorry. But shit happens, and the shit his the fan for me last night.”

In Mexico city on the same night, some Metallica fans believed they’d witnessed an onstage accident when they saw two roadies engulfed in flame.

On the first of eight shows in the city, during which the thrash giants are using their new stage set for the first time, a flame-thrower appeared to fail as they performed Enter Sandman. When crewmen went to investigate the machine burst into life and one of the men ran across the stage trailing fire and smoke. Both were then stretchered off.

But it’s believed to have been a re-enactment of the band’s 1998 video Cunning Stunts, when the roadie referred to as “Burning Dude” first appeared. A spokesman for even promoters Ocesa said: “It’s all part of the show.”

Meanwhile, Animals frontman Eric Burdon has cancelled his upcoming tour dates in order to undergo back surgery.

The 71-year-old veteran has been suffering for three years before doctors identified a medical solution. The problem forced him to cancel a European tour earlier this year. He’ll require at least three months to recuperate following the procedure in Los Angeles.

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