Tenacious D show halted after stab attack

Tenacious D were forced to end a Las Vegas show early on Saturday night after a member of the audience was stabbed in a brutal assault.

Police shut down Mandalay Bay’s House of Blues as a result of the incident, meaning Steel Panther, who were due to perform later in the evening, didn’t get to play.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say one person was arrested after a man was stabbed in the leg when a fight broke out in the crowd. The victim received medical attention at a nearby hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. No further arrests are due to be made in the investigation.

Tenacious D, consisting of actor Jack Black and comedian Kyle Glass, are touring in support of third album Rize of the Fenix. They arrive in Europe in October.

Many of those who attended were upset at the show being stopped, with some laying the blame on the venue. One fan said on the band’s Facebook page: “I had been waiting months to rock out to the D and I’m sure there are more fans then just me that feel cheated by House of Blues’ lack of security.”

Another said: “I hereby propose all in attendance put together a petition to have the screw-off that got the concert cut short reimburse half of the ticket money, since you were only able to see half the D show.”

Some reports were more positive – one said: “People need to stop complaining about the concert being cut half an hour short due to a stabbing last night. It still fucking ruled, and was worth every penny, so shut your mouth.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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