Queensryche deny Tate tape claims

New Queensryche singer Todd La Torre has denied fan suggestions that the band are using backing tapes of sacked frontman Geoff Tate’s voice at live shows.

Last weekend the latest lineup made their first official appearance under the Queensryche title, after performing a handful of shows as Rising West before completing moves to get rid of Tate in June.

But La Torre, who’s sticking with his other outfit, Crimson Glory, has taken to Facebook to deal with claims that the former singer’s work could be heard from the stage. Instead, he says, it’s all him and bassist Eddie Jackson.

He reports: “Many believe they are hearing Tate’s voice. Let me clearly state that there are no backing vocals with his voice in any songs with my performance.

“Any tracks that have backing vocals have all been re-recorded with my voice and Eddie’s.

“We don’t use tracks to fake a lead vocal with me, but simply to give a fuller, nicer sound to a chorus. Yes, they are very similar and would naturally be heard as Geoff’s – but they are not.”

La Torre says timestamps on the source files of the new recordings provide “indisputable” proof of his position.

He adds: “I just needed to clarify that – and I also sing the full chorus of Empire, since some have asked me about that.”

Meanwhile, Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet has added his voice of support to the new Queensryche lineup, which is still embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Tate.

Blabbermouth reports Sweet saying: “Todd has breathed new life into the band. Not only does he have the pipes to deliver the vocals, but more important, he’s as nice and humble as they come.

“I’ve never met Geoff Tate so I can’t comment on who he is. But I can say that it was a joy for me to see Queensryche with a sense of excitement and passion to perform.

“Todd more than earned my respect. Change is always a bit uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s for the best. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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