Waite slams ‘super-white’ Journey

John Waite insists he’d rather shoot himself than sound like Journey – which he described as “super-white music”.

And the singer is adamant there will be no reunion of Bad English, the band he formed with Journey men Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo and Jonathan Caine.

Waite is happy with his relatively low-key solo career and has no desire to return to the supergroup he co-formed in 1988 and split in 1991.

He tells Metal Sludge: “I think it’s garbage.

“I hate to say it, but I listen to Journey and think, ‘That is just wrong.’ That’s why there will never be a Bad English reunion.

“It’s for super-white people listening to super-white music. Fuck that – I’d rather shoot myself.”

The latest addition to Waite’s solo band is former Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli, and the singer says there’s a world of difference between him and Schon.

“Something has happened that I didn’t expect once Keri joined,” Waite says. “We’ve got to the next level very quickly.

“Neal was brilliant, but I’m having an absolute ball with Keri. He’s spontaneous – that’s the difference between.

“That sort of arena rock thing leaves me cold, even though Neal is a tremendous player at that kind of music.”

Waite released his most recent album, Rough and Tumble, earlier this year.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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