A bridge too far: DJ Chris Evans buys Donington landmark for £300

An iconic piece of British rock history has been bought by DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans – for just a few hundred quid.

The Dunlop bridge from Donington Park racing circuit – famed for its staging of Monsters Of Rock and Download – used to be a focal point for rock fans during the summer festival events.

If we had a pound for every time we heard someone say “meet you under the Dunlop bridge” we’d very rich indeed.

The bridge dates from 1977 and looped over the raceway track until 2009, when it was removed during renovations. It’s since been languishing in pieces at an on-site storage facility.

Evans won the bridge in a charity auction of racing memorabilia, and reputedly paid around £300.

It’s not known what Evans intends to do with the bridge. He’s joked on his Radio 2 show that he’s thinking about erecting it in his back garden, or over a neighbouring house. Apparently his missus isn’t exactly best pleased with the acquisition…

-Classic Rock Magazine


Come on… how many of you met someone under the Dunlop Bridge? I know I did! – Sue

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