Joe Lynn Turner sorry for supergroup talk

Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice have apologised to Michael Anthony after rumours circulated the three were forming a supergroup.

The story made headlines after Melodic Rock said former Rainbow frontman Turner and drummer Appice had started work on a musical project, and Chickenfoot bassist Anthony was involved.

Turner has dismissed the rumour as just that – and states he didn’t speak to the press or send out a news release on the subject.

But he does admit they’ve discussed the possibility and that Anthony’s name was mentioned.

A press statement says: “Turner and Appice would like to specifically apologise to Anthony and his fans for any confusion this rumour or any casual conversations might have caused.”

Turner explains: “Carmine and I are long-time friends, and we have talked over the years about working together. These are conversations musicals like us have all the time.

“These conversations are not official news. It’s just casual talk.

“Like many artists we exchange ideas about people we’d like to work with, given the chance. Names like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Michael Anthony – all musicians we both admire.

“But we never released any official news stating that we were planning to launch this so-called supergroup.”

Appice adds: “We had nothing to do with the publishing of any of this news. Neither of us talked to any journalists or media people about a possible supergroup.

“Having said all this, Joe and I have worked together in the past and can’t rule out the possibility of working together in the future.”

Melodic Rock stands by its story – and has published what it says is proof it didn’t invent the rumour.

The editor reports: “I don’t just make this stuff up or print anything for the fun of it. Below is an excerpt from an official on-the-record interview with Joe Lynn Turner for Norway Rocks Magazine, which will be published in their November edition.

Norway Rocks: Speaking of Mothers Army, I interviewed Carmine last year, and he said that you have contributed to his biography, which, as far as I know, still haven’t come out.

JLT: I’ve just emailed Carmine, because Frontiers…Here’s something hot and new for you, and you can give this out as a kind of spin…they want us to do this supergroup. So we just got a call in to Michael Anthony from Van Halen to play bass. So it’ll be me and Carmine and maybe him. There’s a couple of guitar players that we really wanted who are busy – Doug Aldrich was busy – so we’re still trying to put it together, we need a great guitar player with marquee value…we’ll probably just be a three piece, or a four piece – a Zeppy kinda thing.

NR: Wow, interesting!

JLT: Yeah, that’s gonna be cool – you got the first bite of that one, by the way.

NR: Will you be recording any time this year, you think?

JLT: I don’t know yet, because we are still forming the band. And everytime we turn around, someone is busy or someone is… we need to get the right people in.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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