MSG lose singer McAuley to health alert

Michael Schenker Group frontman Robin McAuley will miss the band’s upcoming North American tour as he undergoes surgery for a hernia.

Guitar icon Schenker has confirmed that David Van Landing, who’s previously performed with MSG and spent a short time with Crimson Glory, will take the mic for the scheduled shows next month.

McAuley, previously of McAuley Shenker Group, Grand Prix and Far Corporation, says: “I’m regretfully forced to cancel my appearance with Michael. I expect to be back in the saddle soon as this is taken care of. I make a point of staying healthy and always ready to meet the challenges of each day as it comes. This is one of those days I rarely have to confront, but here it is nonetheless.

“It’s important for all the fans to know how very disappointed I am – I promise to be back at ya real soon.”

Van Landing comments: “I’m looking forward to getting out on the road again with the boys, seeing all my old friends and hopefully meeting some new ones.”

Meanwhile, Dokken guitarist Jon Levin says he thinks plans are afoot for a collaboration between himself, Schenker and Don Dokken – but he’s not entirely certain.

Levin tells the Classic Metal Show: “We were in Bulgaria and at six in the morning I was at a breakfast table with Herman Rarebell. Then Michael came in – I’m a huge fan. He came up and said: ‘We play an acoustic guitar tour together, you and me.’

“I’m looking around, like, ‘Who are you talking to? Me?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you and me playing the tour together.’ Don was there too and Michael goes, ‘And you will sing.’

“I didn’t know that he was serious. I don’t know if Don thought he was serious. But sure enough I got a letter from his lawyer a few days after I got home, saying, ‘Michael is really excited about this. Can you have Don start work on some music with him?’ So we’ll see.”

-Classic Rock Magazine

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