Wolfsbane find lost live album

Wolfsbane have found recordings they made in 1993, which they say shows what the band would have turned into had Blaze Bayley not left and joined Iron Maiden.

They thought the recordings, consisting of tracks taped live in a studio, had been lost for ever – until they discovered an unmarked cassette.

Now the contents have been remastered and will be available to fans only during the reunited band’s upcoming UK tour.

The band explain on their Facebook page: “With the ‘Wolfsbane’ album written but not yet recorded, we decided to run through it in the studio as part of the pre-production. The recording became legendary within the band – it really captured the mad energy we had envisaged for the album.

“Unfortunately we never managed to transfer it onto the record – in the middle of mixing it Blaze left and the band split. For many years we wondered what had happened to that recording. Nobody had a copy.

“Recently we were de-cluttering the loft and came a across a pile of unmarked cassettes. Amazingly the third one was that recording.”

The band say it was every bit as good as they remembered it, adding: “The raw energy is electric. This was the true blueprint for where the band was going if things had been different. We were re-inventing ourselves for a new decade.”

The recordings have been cleaned up and put on CD, with extra tracks and cover version of For You and Born To Run, making a total of 16 songs. The album will only be available from merch stalls on their October tour.

They say: “We really were on fire that night. So come along, get one, turn it up and join us in the studio.”

Wolfsbane UK tour
7/10 Leicester Musician
18/10: Kendal Bootleggers
19/10: Liverpool Eric’s
20/10: Rushden Attic
21/10: Sheffield Corporation
24/10: York Fibbers
25/10: London Relentless Garage
26/10: Glasgow Cathouse
27/10: Bilston Robin 2

-Classic Rock Magazine

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