Lord family warn over t-shirt scam

The family of late Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord have warned fans against buying a memorial t-shirt – because it’s fake.

The respected musician died suddenly in July as a result of complications from his cancer battle. He was 71.

Since then, his loved ones say they’ve heard reports of a pirated garment featuring the 70s-era Deep Purple logo and a recent picture of Lord.

A spokesman says: “Jon’s family have been informed that someone has been selling unofficial t-shirts at gigs and online, regarding Jon’s passing.

“They would like to make it very clear that his has nothing to do with the family or Deep Purple, and they are upset that anyone should profit from this tacky endeavour – unless the money is given to charity, which seems very unlikely.

“They ask that you respect their feelings and not encourage this behaviour.”

The Lord family recently thanked fans for their support following his death, saying: “We have been amazed and overwhelmed by it all. It will continue to be a comfort to us that his music moved so many people across the world.”

Purple singer Ian Gillan paid tribute to his former colleague, who retired from the band in 2002, saying: “If there was such a thing as a typical English gentleman in rock music, it was Jon Lord. We’ve all been touched by him one way or another. I could speak for hours about what he’s given us. We shall carry his memory forward, and his music.”

The family recently agreed to proceed with the release of Lord’s new interpretation of his Concerto for Group and Orchestra, which was finished days before his death and features the last organ solo he ever played. It will be released on October 1.

A public memorial event is being planned for next year.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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