Radiohead slammed over ticket policy

Radiohead  have been slammed by fans who have fallen victim to what they say is an unfair ticket policy.

UK shows are being sold on a paperless ticket basis in an attempt to prevent touts from profiteering by selling passes on at inflated prices.

Ticketmaster’s system allows fans to purchase in advance then gain access to the venue by arriving on the night with the card used to pay and additional ID. It operates a strict no-refund policy – so if you can’t make it, no one can go in your place. The policy has also confounded people who bought tickets for someone else as a present.

Richa Manwani is a doctor who paid to see Radiohead in London, and has since been told she’ll be on call. She tells the Guardian: “”Only I can redeem the tickets on the night of the event with my credit card and photo ID. This means I have no way of selling them on for face value. Ticketmaster offers a no-refunds policy, which means I have lost my money.”

Paul Chambers, who spent £288 on tickets, says: “I can’t go due to being away at work. The tickets are in my name and I can’t pick them up. My wife isn’t keen on going to the concert without me but couldn’t anyway due to my name and bank card being on the bill. I would gladly sell them to fans for face value but I can’t due to the restrictions.”

A spokesman for Ticketmaster says their customer service team will help anyone who calls, but adds: “Terms and conditions relating to the purchase of paperless tickets are clearly outlined to customers at multiple stages during the purchase process, including the initial purchase page, the shipping page and the billing page. Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive.”

Radiohead played a two-hour 23-song set at the Fuji Rock Festival in July 29 – and you can watch five of those songs performed in the video below. In the clip they deliver Bloom, Morning Mr Magpie, Nude, Myxomatosis and Bodysnatchers.

-Classic Rock Magazine

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