AC/DC Johnson’s Newcastle Utd stitch-up

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has told of how close he came to buying into his football team, Newcastle United, after club hero Jackie Milburn invited him to invest. He says: “Jackie was such a wonderful man and he was just so worried about the way the club was going. He took me in to see the board.

I was very excited about doing it, then about halfway through we looked at each other and realised they wanted me to put half a million pound in the club. This was 1981 or 82. At the time was a fortune – and for that they were going to make me an honorary board member, with no decisions and no say.

I realised that it was just a big stitch-up by these greedy men who wanted more money from some silly pop star dude who would just throw it in because of his love for the club.”

Absolute Radio

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