You Me At Six – Final Night of Sin Wembley Arena – London Sat 8 Dec 2012

As a person who has been going to gigs for over 25 years (yep, I’m an ‘oldie’ compared to the majority of YMAS fans) I assumed this would just be ‘another gig’. I love this band and was pretty excited about seeing them but boy did they surpass all my expectations; not that I was expecting them to be average – far from it – but this was honestly one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It was a biggie; a young British band selling out at Wembley Arena and beating The X Factor to it (the live final is filmed here but had to settle for Manchester instead).


The support acts, We are the Ocean and Deaf Havana, definitely deserve a mention here as they were perfect for this event and certainly got the crowd in the mood. I hadn’t seen either band before but I was impressed. At a smaller venue either band could easily be headliners, in fact I will be seeing We are the Ocean next month – doing just that.


As the lights went out, just before YMAS appeared, the screams could probably be heard for miles. You could feel the change in atmosphere from excitement to hysteria. Just as the curtain dropped as they opened with ‘The Swarm’ there was a brief fireworks display which really whipped the crowd into a frenzy! This was just a taste of things to come…


From that first heart-thrilling opening to the final confetti-filled moments after ‘Underdog’ they put on a blinding show and managed to make the 12,500 capacity arena feel like an intimate gig. Vocalist Josh Franceschi talked to the audience regularly without overdoing it but still made every person there feel like they were an important part of this very special event. The whole show was memorable but a couple of highlights for me were when Josh pointed out his grandmother in the audience, “who is f****** 85 years old” and when the audience got their phones and lighters out and lit up the venue for ‘Crash’ – during which the fans’ vocals could be heard above Josh’s; bloody magic!

They are a brilliant, extremely talented, young, British rock band and I feel like a proud mum 😀


You me at Six have definitely made it. Selling out at Wembley Arena is a significant milestone in their career and if it is their biggest achievement they ever make I think they would be pretty pleased with that.


They owned it.


Setlist: The Swarm , Loverboy, Little Death , Kiss and Tell, The Dilemma, The Consequence, Jaws On The Floor, Take Off Your Colours, Save It For The Bedroom, Always Attract, Crash, Finders Keepers, Playing the Blame Game, Liquid Confidence, Reckless, Fireworks, When We Were Younger
Stay With Me, Bite My Tongue, Underdog


By Angie Byde

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