Adler’s revenge on GnR

Former Guns n’Roses drummer Steven Adler says the success of his new project is all the revenge he needs to take on his troubled past.

His band, Adler, recently released debut album Back From The Dead. He says the new music has led audiences to stop expecting him to perform a set of GnR classics, and call for more of his new material.

He tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “That is my revenge. The only revenge I wanted on that whole situation was success. I didn’t want vengeance – I didn’t want to hurt anybody – but I wanted to make a great record because, I think success is the greatest revenge.”

Adler believes his band is made up of the “right recipe of people” and credits guitarist Lonny Paul with knocking him into physical shape. “He helped me lose 25 pounds,” the drummer explains. “Until we started working out I didn’t realise how heavy 25 pounds is until I lifted up a 25-pound weight and said, ‘Holy crap, this is what I’ve been carrying around with me?’ It’s all thanks to Lonny.”

Although he’s facing the future, he accepts GnR will always be part of his career. “I’m proud of those songs,” he says. “We’ll always play a couple because Guns was a chapter of my life.”

And he believes the current GnR lineup led by Axl Rose could never have made their classic album Appetite For Destruction. “Everybody I’ve worked with before were all great musicians – but this is the perfect set of ingredients,” he reflects.

“It’s kind of like what I experienced with Guns and Roses. The guys who are in Guns and Roses now couldn’t make an album like Appetite For Destruction. That’s not a slam on them – for some reason the five of us was just some weird mix of ingredients that was able to do that at that time, at that moment.”

-Classic Rock

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