Philip Sayce Finally Releases All His Music Worldwide

Regular Rock-Zone UK readers will remember my interview with Philip Sayce from last year. The storming blues guitarist’s album “Steamroller” matched heartfelt lyrics/vocals with blistering guitar work. Now Philip is finally releasing all of his music worldwide. In December 2012, he got off to a great start – his first release went top 10 at iTunes Blues in the US, and they’re now releasing ‘Ruby Electric’ on Feb 19th – which will also be featured on the iTunes US rock page.

Philip now wants to share a widget for a free song download, with the hopes that you will enjoy it, download it and spread the word. It’s an unreleased, live recording of the song ‘Alchemy’, and Philip sees it as a way to say thank you to his very supportive UK & European friends, as well as his international fans. Here is the link to check it out:

If the ‘Alchemy’ free download is of interest to you Philip also has a previously unavailable original recording of his song ‘Take You Away’ available as a free download, which you are also more than welcome to have. Here is a link to check it out.

Remember, neither of these downloads are available for purchase in The UK/EU.

Philip tells Rock-Zone UK “I’m taking a total grassroots effort to releasing my music, and your support is extremely important to me and my team. Our work late last year and in early 2013 to make my catalog available everywhere is focused towards the worldwide release of my latest album, ‘Steamroller’ – scheduled for distribution in June 2013.”

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