Diamond Dawn – “Overdrive”

The musical spirit and creative attitude of Diamond Dawn was born out of the idea that compromise won’t do when it comes to great melodic rock. With no desire to restrain their principles when it comes to the most important part of music, the songs, this group of young rockers possess the attitude and ability to bring the impact of a big time hard working band, anywhere they go.

In a world where rock n roll seems to lack a certain positive nerve, the band stands for a vision of conveying energy and excitement through their pompous and melodic, yet hard rocking songs. With a clear vision of how melodic rock is supposed to be delivered, Diamond Dawn is ready to bring back the excitement to the music!

It could be argued that the obvious influences cast too big a shadow – I do not agree. Diamond Dawn blend all of the aspects that made late 80s rock so great. Long may they continue.

This is something you don’t want to miss, so be sure to look out for this collection of rock anthems! Turn it up loud!

Into Overdrive;
Take Me Higher;
Standing As One;
California Rush;
Turn It Up;
The Hunter;
Give It All;
Don’t Walk Away;

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