Snakecharmer – “Snakecharmer”

Originally founded in 2011 by former Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray, the Snakecharmer super-group includes the perfect mix of calibre musicians with Laurie Wisefield, Harry James, Adam Wakeman and Chris Ousey. With members gigging record breaking tours, earning double platinum selling albums and playing to crowds of 100,000. Snakecharmer’s members have an unbeatable history through their work with Whitesnake, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tina Turner, Gary Moore, Magnum, Thunder, Michael Schenker Group, Brian May Band, We Will Rock You and Heartland.

The band is now releasing their first album at the beginning of 2013, self titled “Snakecharmer” and is looking forward to a worldwide tour in support of the album.  Musically this record is everything you would expect from musicians with such a pedigree: a finely crafted Hard Rock album with Blues and Melodic overtones, akin to Whitesnake (1979-81 era), Bad Company and with hints of early Foreigner as well.
“We’ve really enjoyed writing and recording the new album”, says Micky Moody and Neil Murray adds: “We can’t wait to get out on tour in 2013 to promote it”. The band members chose to maintain complete control over the creative process, which led to their decision to produce the album themselves.

The album blend the elements of the original “‘Snake” with developments that make Snakecharmer their own, distinct entity for those of us that love the blues influence of the earl Whitesnake – whilst NEVER sounding dated. This is a rock band for now that blends the blues and soul elements that indicated the best parts of 70s rock!

My Angel;
Accident Prone;
To The Rescue;
Falling Leaves; 
A Little Rock & Roll;
Turn Of The Screw;
Smoking Gun ;
Stand Up ;
Guilty As Charged;
Nothing To Lose;
Cover Me In You
White Boy Blues {i-tunes only – album bonus track]

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