Mia Klose – “London”

They say that if you are tired of London then you are tired of life. The problem is, I’m a good old (don’t start!) Northern lad, and to make matters worse could never stand London! Too busy, too rude and, in all honesty, too big. Yet it is still considered one of the major cities on the planet. In fact, London has brought the world many great rock acts…but is Mia Klose one of them?

Mia Klose oozes confidence and sexy charisma with a face that could be misleading for the frame of leather and lace that surrounds it. But her music is a perfect fusion of metal and melody and, were it 1987, would SCREAM radio hit. Her talent for style and visual expression frequently stops traffic. Musically, think young Axl Rose, Madonna and Michael Monroe treading the hard rock floorboards of Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi, with a wardrobe that would impress Cindy Lauper and Lita Ford. Her sound takes you back to the 1980’s, golden era of metal and rock. Mia’s vocals are powerful and controlled, backed by heavy guitar riffs and structured songwriting. The emphasis is on quality, and it shows in every aspect of her performance.

“London” was written, recorded and performed by Mia, Melly and Danny Drama and was produced, mixed and mastered by Danny Drama with Mia and Melly at their studio in London, England. “London” will be released via the band’s own label DMD Music Ltd.

The key to what Mia does is that she is, quite clearly, her own women. Sure you get the double kick drum effect so beloved of the younger metal bands but…(and it’s a big but!)…Mia links this more modern style with the  hook ridden catchiness of the 80s to create a sound that transcends her good looks. A blend of all that was good about the 80s (don’t listen to Kurt!) and mingled/blended with  production from the new century.

Mia and her songs ooze quality – check out the album and you too will find that the old adage is true….you do not get tired of London (welll, not if you still breathe and have a pulse!)

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