Crashdiet’s Simon Cruz Talks to Rock-Zone

Just before the release of “The Savage Playground”, Crashdiet’s Simon Cruz took some time to have a chat to us at Rock-Zone UK. The latest release continues the route to world domination for the glammy Scandinavians….see ing them embarking on a world tour. Catch them on their travels soon.

Hi Simon and many thanks for taking the time to chat with Rock-Zone UK

Thank you!

It must be really exciting and busy times for you right now, with spectacular new record “The Savage Playground” having just been released. What can your fans and Crashdiet newbies expect from it?

I think its a great mix of good ol time sleaze with a nu sound and the bravery of experimentation!

 CRASHDÏET - photo

Will you be doing any touring in support of the release?

We started with the Scandinavian tour in February then our first gig in South America is in March. Then on from there to the US, UK, Europe and off for Japan for a gig in Tokyo before summer.

What inspires you and the rest of the guys to carry on writing, producing and performing?

A simple cliche like “the love for the music” and a need to express ourselves

How do you think the industry has changed over the years you’ve been involved? Do you think you’d have enjoyed the heady days of lunacy that were the 80s rock recording industry?

Well the record companies had more money back then so in terms of just focusing on the music it would be easier. Nowadays you kind of have to be an all-round entrepreneur and you have to take care of administrateive issues, that can seriously kill you!

Do you think you have got heavier in musical terms as you have matured?

Soundwise we have gone heavier, not necessarily song wise

I remember that it was seeing The Sweet on Top of the Pops as a very small child that first made me want to pick up a guitar and get involved in music. Who were your earliest influences (both personally and in terms of the band) and who do you and the guys listen to today?

It deepends of who you ask, we all come from very different musical background but what brings us together is the common grounds of the 80´s glam metal n sleaze. I remember seeing Kiss on tv at the age of 5 and my eyes popped out!

The process of song writing is something that really interests me, especially when it comes to bands whose success has come about singing in English despite it not being their first language. Do you write in Swedish and then translate or do you “think” in English now?

I lived in England earlier for almost four years so for me it comes naturally and I sometimes still think in English.
I remember though as a kid starting to write music I also wrote in English because I always aimed at the world but I don’t remember translating from swedish. I wrote and sang what sounded good and what I thought was right.

What/where does the inspiration for the songs come from?

Mostly taken from these last there years we spent on the road and things we have gone through in our personal lives. We believe in freedom and we want to share our ideás about what it is.

What do you think is the best song that Crashdiet have recorded so far? In fact if you were to recommend a Crashdiet playlist for newcomers what would you suggest as the choice cuts to start with?

Obviously I would start with something catchy from my era like Generation wild! Riot in everyone is a must, so is Breaking the chains from the first album. I would suggest Circus and Garden of babylon to start out with from the new album.

What is the best thing about being Crashdiet right now?

We get to tour all around the world!

Finally, what’s next for you and the band? Are you already thinking about new material or is it more promotion?

Touring, and summer festivals. Record a third video and then start writing material not to long from now.

No worries! Cheers

CRASHDÏET - album cover

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