Whitesnake “Made In Japan” Live Album, DVD & Blu-Ray

You know what? There are days when doing this stuff gives you the biggest buzz imaginable. Today was one of those. You may have realised that I am fond of rock music from a time when hair was big, clothes were tight and….(“yeah, yeah we get” scream all the readers)….anyway one of my favourites was always Whitesnake. Today the postman delivered the upcoming CD and DVD “Made in Japan”. Did it live up to my excitement? Wait and see


Filmed at the Saitama Super Arena in 2011, the performance saw Whitesnake co-headline the “Loud Park” festival during their “Forevermore World Tour”. Nicely blending newer songs from “Forevermore” with classics the show features a band performing a stunning show and highlighting the talent with whom Lord Coverdale surrounds himself – even the ubiquitous solos transcend the usual “let’s get to the bar” moment, especially the dual between Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach (who have been with the band for 10 years this year.


Originally broadcast on Japanese TV (why do we not get this sort of show on our telly boxes, eh?) the guys at Whitesnake and Frontiers have spent most of 2012 editing and mixing the show in HD, multi format set (with the deluxe edition including sound check recordings as special bonus content) that offers great value for money.

As I already owned the last DVD (“Live in the Still of the Night”), which is a stunning show, I wondered whether there was a need for this one? Well, given that the release was based on fan demand…maybe. It is a great show that presents the new songs very well – possibly more for completists than the passing, casual Whitesnake fan…BUT you then have to factor in the value offered here. I like it so much I think I may just have to and buy the full, Deluxe version. Yeah, it’s that good.



“Made in Japan” is released on Monday 22nd April 2013 on Frontiers. Don’t forget the Whitesnake/Journey/Thunder tour in May


Official website: www.whitesnake.com

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/Whitesnake.official

Official Twitter: www.twitter.com/davidcoverdale


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