Drowning Pool/Fozzy Gig Review 21-04-13

Fozzy & Drowning Pool

NQ Live, Manchester.



I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen Fozzy now, but this was possibly the best show I’ve seen them perform! That added to the fact that I haven’t ever seen Drowning Pool before meant that this was one happy and very excitable reporter!

Earlier in the day David & myself (I admit it, he did most of the work! Ha!) were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to interview CJ Pierce from Drowning Pool (coming to this site soon!) and he was a completely awesome guy and made me look forward to the gig even more!

I have since learned that another band, Revoker, were on first and sorry to say that we totally missed them while doing the interview so, my apologies to that band and I will hopefully catch you at another venue sometime!


Fozzy were IMMENSE! I have seriously never seen them have this much fun or play this hard in forever! It was hot, sweaty, dark and very, very small; but the crowd were completely into it from start to finish. Huge chants of FOZZY! FOZZY! Rang out between songs, and not too many of the usual ‘Y2J’ chants…. this leading me to believe that the audience weren’t 90% wrestling fans like they usually are and that’s not a bad thing. Fozzy deserve to branch out of the Y2J/WWE fan base and spread their wings and it looks as if they’re finally doing just that! They really should have been in a bigger venue, the stage was tiny and front man Chris Jericho seemed a little restricted as he strode from one side to the other belting out their signature songs such as God Pounds His Nails and Martyr No More among many others. He did, however have the audience eating out of the palm of his hands as always! The energy all of these guys have is infectious and the crowd did a bloody great job of raising the roof!


Drowning Pool hit the stage with ‘Step Up’; one of my favourite DP songs ever so I started off their set very happy! However, we started getting hassle from one and then two security guys near by, even after the tour manager had told 2them we were allowed up the steps to take photos. So unfortunately our DP experience was cut short. Managed to see about 3-4 songs and then made to feel like we were no longer welcome in the venue so decided to leave. It was a shame as I’d been looking forward to seeing their set all day but, shit happens.


I could sit here and slag off the venue until I’m blue in the face but I’m not naïve enough to believe it would ever make a difference. I will say though that Manchester is a huge place and I have yet to understand why any band actually wants to play NQLive. It’s tiny and the layout is terrible not to mention that it’s a nightmare for photographers. There’s a staircase in the middle of the room, the ceiling is low and after this, my second visit to the former Moho Live, I will try my utmost to avoid the place in future. I understand security has a job to protect the concertgoers, but seriously we were just taking our pictures then we’d have gone on somewhere else! Ah well… I never have been a fan of little men with big egos and small lanyards!
Apologies to the guys from Drowning Pool for this review that is seriously lacking well…REVIEW really; but we didn’t feel like we had a choice. What we did see was f’king loud and equally awesome and I’m sure anyone attending the remaining shows will have a fantastic time!


Hope we can make up for it with the brilliant interview we did with CJ before the show!


Venue-Avoided in future.


We live and learn….


Massive thanks to Christine B for organising the trip, Simon at ILikePress and tour manager for all the help when we got there.

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