Jettblack – Club Alter Ego, Manchester 20th April 2013

Whatever next? A Saturday in the North West of England and something yellow and shiny was in the sky…I believe it was that mythical entity referred to as the Sun. Coupled with an afternoon interview with the delightful CJ from Drowning Pool, could the day get any better for this rock music loving hack? Hell yeah! came the loud reply. Across town, in another subterranean club (Club Alter Ego – later on it turns back into a nightclub) saw the arrival in Manchester of the eight-legged, hard rocking bunch of wonderfulness that is Jettblack and I needed to get to see their full show having been part of the very full second stage crowd at HRH AOR just two weeks ago and missed the bulk of it due to the house being so packed.

Jettblack_flamesUnfortunately, we arrived a little late to catch the first band’s set. By all accounts my lovely wife and I missed a band that we would have really enjoyed – influences such as Black Stone Cherry, Crue and, gulp, Nickelback (hey, I love Nickelback – what’re you going to do about it?) and a good old crunchy rock and roll sound (keep an eye out here for more news, etc – I am going to follow up on them). I was having a rare old chat with Damien when the second on the bill GodDamn Electric hit the stage. Quick, I thought, I must get in and see these guys – local heroes who had also brought a fair amount of punters with them, they have quite a buzz about them in the area. Unluckily for me, I wasn’t quick enough – what seemed like only one and a half songs in, the sound cut and the crowd started chanting “Let them play!”. Apparently all was not sweetness and light but none of the bands had a clue as to what was the problem. Bugger, I missed them…again.

Jettblack_liveHaving already interviewed Will (coming soon) at HRH AOR and been impressed by his friendly and welcoming manner (OK, he politely tolerated my inane ramblings) I was really pleased when he came and said hello prior to getting warmed up for the set. Not only that but it appeared that the rest of the guys (Jon, Tom and Matt) were equally friendly. Surely there had to be some fly in the ointment?

In one word – no! A blistering set featuring songs from both albums including the singles – “Get Your Hands Dirty”, “Two Hot Girls”, Prison of Love” and, my favourite “Raining Rock” (a tune so cool I woke my wife up on my return from HRH AOR talking in my sleep – apparently the words, as I shot bolt upright in bed, were “it’s RAINING ROCK” … poor woman, how does she put up with me?

Not ones for between song banter, the guys let the material do the talking and ripped through their hours time allocation with a set that clearly pleased the fans in the know. Even better was the looks on the faces of band and crowd – grins from ear to ear all around. This was clearly a band having the time of their lives, doing the stuff that they love. Shouldn’t all rock bands be like that? Not only that but, just when you thought that the enjoyment levels couldn’t go any higher….it was the end. Well not quite, there was time for a little more and Jettblack went for it with their blistering cover of “Dangerzone” (yep, that one…the track from “Top Gun”).

Yet, all too soon, it was over. The guys left the stage and the venue started to make moves to try and turn itself into club it becomes the rest of the time. Mrs W and I headed back to the single entendre named “Tunnel of Delights” (don’t ask) and found ourselves in the guys green room. “Oops sorry”, said I and made to beat a hasty retreat…only to be told no problem and we proceeded to have a nice chat about the set, the tour and what a great night we had had. Without a doubt Jettblack are my new favouritest band and they should be yours too. Get hold of the CDs “Get Your Hands Dirty”, “Raining Rock” and the upcoming mini album “Black Gold” (which I am hoping to review very soon…..please?) or, better still, go and see them on this run of shows. Whatever you do this year, get some Jettblack in your collection.

Jettblack tour

Jettblack are on tour now:

April 23rd – Newcastle O2 Academy 2 with Crashdiet

April 24th – Sheffield O2 Academy 2 with Crashdiet

April 25th – Birmingham O2 Academy 2 with Crashdiet

April 26th – Nottingham Rock City with Crashdiet

April 27th – Islington O2 Academy

April 28th – Southampton Joiners Arms


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