Albany Down – Not Over Yet CD Review

Albany Down – Not Over Yet



There are days when it’s just not worth opening the mail…then there are days when Albany Down send you their new CD & the post-lady fears for her life as you leggit to the door, tear open the envelope and scream YES! YES! YES! (It’s a good job our post lady is used to me…) Yes there was a little happy dance going on in my hallway that morning for sure!

Albany Down are back with their second CD ‘Not Over Yet’ and it’s even better than the first one!  Having had a teaser with the BEST press pack I’ve ever received a few weeks earlier, I was totally ready to hear this in it’s entirety and from the opening chords of ‘Back Again’ to the dying strains of ‘Working Man’ I was enthralled! Some of the tracks made me close my eyes and actually bask in their beauty, while others, such as ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, had me almost dancing out of my seat! Some are bluesy, some have a folk vibe to them and others are just good old rock all melded together on one wonderful CD that is a pleasure to listen to.902472_567792299921683_1937398026_o

Title track ‘Not Over Yet’ is one I can’t wait to hear live (hopefully I will get to see these guys some time soon!) as I’m sure it’s one that will get the crowds jumping around like crazy! “You Aint Coming” has to be my favorite song on there; sexy blues definitely suits singer, Paul Muir’s voice, while ‘Take The Town’s funky vibe reminds me slightly of the old Doobie Brothers ‘Long Train Running’.

Muir has a strong voice that seems to come all the way up from his boots and it’s perfectly complimented by the quality of the musicians he has backing him.  Paul Turley on guitar, Damien Campbell on Drums and Billy Dedman on bass have for sure, along with Muir, struck gold with this monster they have created together! Albany Down are one of the best British bands to have come along in a long time and, in my opinion, this is just the beginning of HUGE things for these guys!

‘Not Over Yet’ proves the diversity of this band is pretty much unlimited! From one rocking track to one that’s dripping in blues or one with funk undertones, it really does have everything that a music lover could possibly wish for and the best thing is – I KNEW it would be this damn good!

To keep up to date with all of Albany Down’s touring and releases you can check them out on Facebook/Twitter & YouTube and also their official site – where you can also purchase this bloody wonderful disc that is playing on a loop in my house right now! Do it!


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