Slayer Carry On With 2013 Summer European Trek

Slayer-Kerry-King-Tom-ArayaSlayer are still in mourning over the death of late guitarist Jeff Hanneman, but fellow guitarist Kerry King and frontman Tom Araya have signed online to let their European and U.K. fans know that it won’t dampen their plans to perform overseas this summer.

As it was, Hanneman had not been touring with Slayer over the past two years, with Exodus‘ Gary Holt taking his place since a 2011 spider bite forced Hanneman out of action. The pair took to their social networking sites to let fans know that they will be honoring their late brother on tour this summer. At present, it looks as though the band will be spending parts of all three summer months in the U.K. and Europe.

Their message reads as follows:


We know that our fans everywhere are hurting for the loss of Jeff just as we are.
We want to let you all know that when we come to Europe this summer in June, July and August, we’ll ALL be making noise together for our brother and dear friend Jeff… We’ll See you then!

With the statement just coming from King and Araya, it seems that drummer Dave Lombardo would not be returning to the band for the European trek. The musician was replaced for their Australian tour this spring over an apparent contractual dispute and there has been no comment since as to whether Lombardo has been able to work things out with King and Araya.

The band used their onetime drummer Jon Dette to fill in during the Australian run and it is unknown if he will continue with the group this summer. However, it is expected that Exodus‘ Gary Holt will continue to play guitar with Slayer for these shows.


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