Geoff Tate watches fan rants

geoffTateGeoff Tate has released a video of himself watching clips from Queensryche followers who hate his new album Frequency Unknown. View it below.

Reponding to negative comments regarding the sound and songwriting on his first record since being fired last year, Tate called on those who felt strongly enough to shoot themselves letting loose. He’s offered an all-expenses concert trip to the person who draws the greatest reaction.

In the first resulting video, Tate takes flak for never being seen without a glass of wine and for the album title and artwork. Descriptions of the album include “mediocre at best,” “boring as shit,” “contrived,” and “the biggest shit sundae in rock and metal.”

Frequency Unknown was released last month, and record label Cleopatra offered a free replacement disc with a new mix for anyone who was unhappy with their purchase. Todd La Torre, who fronts the other version of Queensryche, labelled the album title a “cheap shot.” His band’s self-titled record is released on June 24.

The original band’s classic album Operation: Mindcrime was released 25 years ago this month.

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