Lynott statue trashed in Dublin

lynottStatueTwo men were arrested in Dublin after the city centre statue of Phil Lynott was pushed over and seriously damaged late last week.

The memorial to the Thin Lizzy icon has been removed from its Harry Street location for repairs, and the men were later released without charge.

The life-size bronze sculpture was unveiled in 2005 in front of his mother Philomena and Lizzy men Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Eric Bell, Darron Wharton, Brian Robertson and the late Gary Moore. It’s become a tourist destination and landmark since then.

In the early hours of Friday morning Garda officers attended the scene to find the statue knocked over and a large tear in its side. Two men later reported to a police station, were placed under arrest then released without charge.

The Dublin City Business Improvement District commented: “Phil Lynott’s statue suffered some accidental damage last night on Harry Street. He’s being sent for repairs and we’ll hopefully see him back in action in a few weeks time.”

Philomena Lynott told Hot Press: “It seems that it was just a bunch of high-spirited boys, who meant no harm. So I am not annoyed with them. I’m only hoping that none of the lads got hurt.”

Lizzy offshoot band Black Star Riders will release their album All Hell Breaks Loose on May 27, after last year deciding to stop using the Lynott’s band name. They’ll tour the UK and Ireland at the end of the year.

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