30 Seconds To Mars

 CD Review By Sue Powley


It’s not very often I am stunned into silence and especially not by an album, yet when I first heard this in its entirety that’s exactly what happened. I sat staring at my computer screen while it blasted in my headphones and I swear I didn’t move for the whole 12 songs! So often in the music world, something ridiculously hyped just falls flat on it’s face (and it couldn’t get any more hyped than actually launching the first single into space & having a renowned artist on your CD cover!) but this is hype well deserved… and then some!
LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, the fourth album release from the band currently taking over the universe, is nothing short of amazing! The first time I heard the first single ‘Up In The Air’ I have to admit to having raised eyebrows and a bit of a WTF moment. Its hard-core electro background is not something I usually gravitate towards…but by the third play it spoke to me, I got it and I loved it. The second sneak peak we had of the album was the more rock-induced ‘Conquistador’ and I loved that one immediately!
Jared Leto has been quoted as saying ‘…this is two years of my life.’ In my opinion, it was two years well spent writing and recording (some of it in India I believe which is evident in the album, especially the track – ‘Pyres Of Varnasi’) this epic musical adventure!
The orchestral arrangements throughout make it not arrogant but sufficiently confident with an air of theatrics that could be played out on any stadium in the world. While some of the tracks are in-your-face loud even with the volume down, others such as the beautiful City Of Angels and breathtaking ‘End Of All Days’, offer a more chilled out interlude and an opportunity to catch your breath. The only complaint I have is that when the last strains of closing track, ‘Depuis Le Debut’ faded away, with the sounds of a children’s wind-up jewellery box playing Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (I’m sure I had one that played this tune when I was a kid!) I felt like it was over way too quickly… I wanted more!
Let’s face it, Jared Leto could sing my grocery receipt and it’d be a massive hit, but LOVE LUST FAITH +DREAMS; is bold, it’s big and it’s immense! It’s the 30 Seconds To Mars you know & love amped up to the ceiling and about to blow the roof off! We can only hope they get to tour our arenas after the festival season is over!
20/10 and that’s not a type-O!

LOVE LUST FAITH +DREAMS is out in all the usual outlets on Monday 20th May.

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