How McCartney missed Hendrix supergroup offer

maccaHendrixJimi Hendrix invited Paul McCartney to join a supergroup in 1969 – but the Beatle never got the message because he was on holiday.

The guitar icon’s telegram to McCartney is part of a memorabilia collection in the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague. It’s signed off by Hendrix, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and drummer Tony Williams.

It reads: “We are recording an LP together this weekend in New York stop How about coming in to play bass stop Peace.”

Beatles assistant Peter Brown replied with a message saying: “Ref cable received from Hendrix Davis and Williams. Paul McCartney away from London on holiday not expected to return for two weeks.”

Hard Rock Cafe historian Jeff Nolan tells the Daily Mail: “It’s not something you hear about a lot. Major Hendrix connoisseurs are aware of it.

“It would have been one of the most insane supergroups – these four cats reinvented their instruments and the way they’re perceived.”

Hendrix was later lined up to work with Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but died before the project came to fruition. Frontman Greg Lake recently said of the 1970 plans: “I never believed it would have worked in the long run – it would have been great for a couple of days.”

-Classic Rock magazine

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