Huntress to Offset Mayhem Festival Touring Costs With ‘Virtual Yard Sale’

Huntress will have their biggest spotlight to date by appearing on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this summer, but things can be a bit costly for a relatively new band trying to get their footing in the music industry. So, to help offset the costs of the tour, the band has teamed up with fellow Mayhem participants Battlecross to share the costs for a bus this summer and they’re using a “Virtual Yard Sale” to help pay for the journey.

The group has launched a new Indiegogo page that spells out their mission to raise $15,000. The campaign has just launched with just over $1,500 raised, but still plenty of time to reach their goal. As with most Indiegogo campaigns, there are a number of incentives used to entice fans to donate.

On the low end, a $15 donation will get you a digital download of Huntress’ upcoming album ‘Starbound Beast.’ On the top tier, a $17,500 donation will get you guitarist Blake Meahl’s custom 1979 Vandura complete with a fully custom interior, couch, bed, sink, ice chest, stained oak paneling, swivel captain seats and a stereo. It also comes with a Van Halen license plate and the band will throw in a signed CD and vinyl of their ‘Spell Eater’ and ‘Starbound Beast’ discs and autographed posters as a bonus.

Other items on the block include an ‘Eight of Swords’ sword prop from the video of the same name, tickets to any Mayhem show for a meet-and-greet, Donkey Kong Jr. tournament and water balloon fight, Jill Janus’ Oracle scent created with Naked Eye Beauty, a dirty picture sketched by Janus on a used drum head signed by the band and much, much more.

Visit the band’s “Virtual Yard Sale” site to make your donation and be sure to catch Huntress promoting their ‘Starbound Beast’ album on the Mayhem Festival this summer. ‘Starbound Beast’ arrives in stores on July 2 in North America and on June 28 in Europe.


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