Tool Drummer Danny Carey to Release Album With New Project Volto!

Volto-IncitareWith Maynard James Keenan balancing three bands, there is typically a lot of time between Tool albums, and drummer Danny Carey used some of that time to work in a new project called Volto! The group has spent time working on new music and will issue their debut disc ‘Incitare’ on July 23 via Fantasy/Concord Music Group.

The group developed organically in Los Angeles with Carey being among a group of accomplished musicians getting up to play cover tunes at a tiny jazz club in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Carey began performing with Don Henley’s session and tour bassist Lance Morrison and Pigmy Love Circus guitarist John “Volto” Ziegler, with each of the musicians getting a chance to shine with solos during their fusion-filled sets.

Over time, the trio decided to see if the project could go beyond playing covers and soon the idea to do an album was born. Carey called in a few friends, with Tool producer Joe Baressi recording the songs live and Carey’s Tool bandmate Adam Jones later coming up with some contributions to a Rick Griffin piece for the artwork.

Those interested can visit the band’s website, where you can currently download the group’s new song ‘Grip It’ for free. It’s part of Volto!’s nine-track collection called ‘Incitare’ that’s due July 23.

Volto!, ‘Incitare’ Track Listing

1. ‘Grip It’
2. ‘Grillz’
3. ‘Whopner’
4. ‘Drumbeaux’
5. ‘Quirk’
6. ‘BHP’
7. ‘Meltdown’
8. ‘Tocino’
9. ‘I’m Calm Now’


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