Primus bring back Alexander

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALes Claypool has confirmed classic-era drummer Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander has returned to the band.

And the mainman admits he’d been feeling nostalgic about a lineup, also featuring long-time guitarist Larry LaLonde, which many fans regard as definitive.

Alexander and LaLonde both joined Primus in 1989, but the drummer left in 1996. He was part of the band again for its 2003 reincarnation following a two-year hiatus, but departed once more in 2009. He’s played on all seven Primus albums except 2011′s Green Naugahyde.

Claypool tells Rolling Stone: “A series of events has made the ever-elusive Viking known as Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander come out of the forest, and he’s going to start beating drums again for us. It should be an interesting experience.

“It will be interesting to see what happens next when we get in a room and start making racket. You can feel the excitement from him and the enthusiasm, which is great – you just didn’t feel that before.

“For me as well, reading through the book as I have been, you become a little nostalgic for what we were in the ‘heyday,’ so to speak.”

Among the band’s many fans, Claypool believes Rush will be pleased about the lineup change. He explains explains: “I had dinner with Geddy and Alex a couple of months ago, and they’re big Primus fans – but they’re bigger fans of the Primus with Tim Alexander. I assume they’ll be excited about this.”

If all goes well, the classic three-piece could begin recording work in November. But the Claypool – who’s also gearing up to play as part of Tom Waits’ first show in five years – says: “It’s all a little premature; we’ll see what happens next week. If we get together and things are just flowing like crazy, I’m sure we’re going to hop right in the studio. If not, we’ll be calling Alex Van Halen.

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