Hawkwind Deluxe Vinyl’s coming on Rock Classics

HawkwindEstablished in 2004, Back On Black- Rock Classics specialises in vinyl editions of classic Metal albums and is dedicated to providing top quality releases for record collectors and Metal fans worldwide.

Our releases are pressed on exquisite, heavy weight vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality with a mesmerizing tactile feel that makes them a pleasure to handle. Beautiful vinyl colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, with some releases available in a variety of colours for the dedicated collector. Many releases are double, or even triple, LPs!

The artwork itself is re-worked to faithfully interpret the original album, and reproduced on superior quality gatefold sleeves in heavy weight card with a superb and un-rivalled finish.

As well as all our re-mastered LPs of classic albums from throughout Metal’s history, Back On Black also issues many exclusive vinyl editions of contemporary Metal releases. Far from being dead, our beloved vinyl format is going from strength to strength – and Back On Black is proud to serve the needs of the Metal vinyl connoisseur!

Just take a look at our catalogue of releases to see the calibre of albums we release!

Combine your favourite Metal with your favourite format – and get your music Back On Black.

Algy was first active as a member of the Australian punk band The Saints (playing on their second and third albums Eternally Yours and Prehistoric Sounds) before joining British group The Damned and playing on Machine Gun Etiquette (1979). He also plays on Live at the Moonlight Club (The School Bullies).
Ward founded and fronts the New Wave of British Heavy Metal outfit Tank
No plastic Tanks in here! Don’t bring your War Machine because we will make you Walk Barefoot Over Glass while we Set Your Back On Fire. With your Used Leather, Hanging Loose you’ll Run Like Hell, Biting And Scratching from the Pure Hatred!




Bespoke independent vinyl label “Back On Black Records – Rock Classics” to re release 8 classic albums

By Hawkwind in Dec, Jan, Feb, and March

RCV104LP        Hawkwind       Sonic Attack    DLP                  Blue 180G

RCV105LP        Hawkwind       Choose Your Masques            DLP      Clear 180G

RCV125LP        Hawkwind       Xenon Codex   DLP                  Red 180G

RCV126LP        Hawkwind       Zones   DLP                  Blue 180G

RCV127LP        Hawkwind       Electric Teepee           DLP                  Red 180G

RCV128LP        Hawkwind       Mighty Hawkwind Classics 1980-1985           DLP                  Grey 180G

RCV129LP        Hawkwind       This Is Hawkwind – Do Not Panic        DLP                  White 180G

RCV130LP        Hawkwind       Church Of Hawkwind  DLP                  Clear 180G

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