The Kinks could make 50th anniversary return

daveDaviesThe Kinks could get back together to mark their 50th anniversary next year, Dave Davies has said – if he and brother Ray can set aside their differences.

He believes there’s “a 50-50 chance” they could tour to celebrate their landmark achievement.

The notoriously dysfunctional siblings have held three meetings in the past few months, although Dave warns that they soured as they continued.

He tells Rolling Stone: “The first two meetings were great. We talked about the old days and maybe doing something next year. I thought, ‘Oh, shit – maybe we could do something before we fall down dead.’ It was very positive.”

But he continues: “We had tea right before I came over to America and he was so negative, grumpy and just mean. It was like he fell into a black hole.

“He didn’t want me to come to America; I think it’s because I was happy and I was doing something without his approval. I feel like he was miserable because I’m happy – he’s a really troubled man.”

Dave describes his relationship with Ray as the one between Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine. “We used to play tennis,” he recalls. “When I was beating him he’d always develop a strategy. He’d be like, ‘Oh, I hurt my back!’

“I’d back off then he’d get aggressive again. I’d get real angry; He’d smile, and it was really like the Emperor testing Luke’s character. When he got Luke angry, the Emperor would be like ‘Yes – I’ve got you!’”

The Kinks re-release classic album Muswell Hillbillies in extended form on October 7.

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