PRO-PAIN – New Studio Album THE FINAL REVOLUTION released November 25th on SPV

PromoImageAmerican hardcore metal legends PRO-PAIN have signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release their brutal, uncompromising, incendiary new studio album, ‘The Final Revolution’ on November 25th. ‘The Final Revolution’, packed with a dozen hard-as-nails, bone crunching, technically precise, irresistible musical grenades, marks a major return to the band’s old form. “The music is quite dark, and the groove and tempos are very reminiscent of the classic Pro-Pain style as opposed to our last album ‘Straight To The Dome’, which was a bit more thrashy” states vocalist / bassist Gary Meskil.

‘The Final Revolution’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by V.O. Pulver (Gurd) at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland from August 18th to August 29th, 2013. Meskil wrote all the music and lyrics at his home in Sarasota, Florida: “In order to keep things interesting, I decided to take the reins and handle all of the writing duties alone this time. It’s the first Pro-Pain album since the 90s in which I’ve written everything. It sounds extremely pissed off, and that’s exactly what a great Pro-Pain album should sound like. Mission accomplished!”

Pro-Pain, who formed in 1991, won a huge worldwide following after the release of their trailblazing debut album, ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’, in 1992, which was subsequently nominated for a whole host of heavy metal awards all over the world. While the band’s second album, ‘The Truth Hurts’, was similarly well received, it was their third album, ‘Contents Under Pressure’, which broke through, established the band internationally, and catapulted Pro-Pain on to the headline slot at the massive Dynamo Open Air Festival in Holland. Band mastermind Gary Meskil, an idealist in both musical and political terms, has stood by his uncompromising attitude on successive releases such as ‘Pro-Pain (1998), ‘Act Of God’ (1999), ‘Round 6’ (2000), ‘Fistful Of Hate’ (2004), ‘Absolute Power’ (2010) and ‘Straight To The Dome’ (2012).

‘The Final Revolution’ continues to mine this profound expressive vein; Meskil notes that “All of my lyrics come from the heart via life’s experiences. I’m passionate about the world, where it’s heading, and about my role in it. I sing about the plight of the common man. Yet I dare not preach to anyone. For if you want your views to be respected, you must give the same respect in return with regard to opposing views. As for inspiration, I don’t draw lyrical inspiration from anything but my inner core, and that’s what keeps the lyrics honest and passionate.”

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